Do you cater?

Contact Caroline directly – she loves a good soup party.

How does Caroline come up with so many soups?

It’s a love language for Caroline: she dreams about soup, thinks about soup all the time, and tries ideas that interest her. She shares the ones that she loves with her friends in Soup Club. She explains her (sometimes meandering, often odd) journey to arriving at the recipe for each week’s soup in the weekly emails.

Caroline mentions “Soup Stands” in the soup newsletters. What are they?

On the second Saturday of every month during soup season (September through May), Caroline sets up a table in front of the Book Larder in Fremont to sell cups of soup to raise awareness and funds for the type of brain cancer she had. All proceeds benefit the Glioblastoma Foundation.

Caroline mentions “Flash Sales” in the soup newsletters. What are they?

They are occasional sales of frozen soup to purge the Soup Club freezer. Most often, they feature random quarts of soup that were extra in a week’s production. It’s executed on a first-come, first-served basis through a Google Doc. Payment for these quarts is not included with a monthly membership and executed through check or Venmo.

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Shoot the soup lady an email or a text and she’ll happily stop stirring her pots for a minute to answer.

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