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Are your soups gluten-free?

Yes. Caroline takes care that the soup ingredients do not come in contact with gluten and are made with equipment that don’t either, but the kitchen where she makes the soup is not a dedicated gluten-free facility.

Are your soups vegan?

Yes. No animal by-products are used to produce the soup for Soup Club, without exception.

Are your soups nut-free?

Yes. Caroline does not use nuts in any of her soups, but the kitchen where she makes the soup is not a dedicated nut-free facility.

How long does your soup stay fresh? Can I freeze it?

While everyone has their own comfort level on this sort of thing, Caroline recommends that her soups are eaten or frozen within three days of delivery or pickup. The soup arrives to you in freezer-ready containers.

What are the heating instructions?

Caroline includes standard stovetop and microwave instructions in her weekly emails.

How do I know what soup is coming next?

In each weekly email, there is a section that highlights a few ingredients you might want to add to your following week’s grocery list; these are the toppings/serving suggestions for the following week’s soup. She does not mention, however, what the soup will be—it’s part of the fun to be surprised!

What if I want meat in my soup?

Caroline offers vegan and traditional serving suggestions for every soup, including adding meat.

Where do I find what ingredients are in my soup?

The day before a soup’s delivery or pickup window, Caroline sends a newsletter email that details what is in the soup.

Do you use organic ingredients?

As much as possible, but not exclusively.

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