Soup Club is a soup subscription service that brings
comfort + community
to your table every week from September to May.

Did we mention it’s vegan, gluten-free, and nut-free, too?

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How it Works

It’s Simmered.

Soup Lady Caroline makes one of her original vegan soup recipes from the freshest produce at Pike Place market.

It’s Revealed.

A fun email announces what it will be the day before your pickup/delivery window, like your very own soup surprise party, with an ingredient list and serving suggestions.

It’s Ready.

A text notifies you when your soup is ready to be picked up, whether outside your door or waiting for you at our kitchen.

It’s Yours.

Enjoy it,
Recycle containers
+ Repeat

Soup season is Labor Day through Memorial Day.

Option 1

1 quart/week
feeds 1-2 soup lovers
(great for lunches!)


Option 2

2 quarts/week
feeds 4-6 soup lovers
(great for dinner + freezing!)


Add Ons

+ $40/MONTH* for cookies
+ $20/MONTH* for bread
+ $30/MONTH for delivery

* Based on a 4-week month. (Delivery is a flat monthly fee. For pickup at no additional cost, see FAQ.) Bread is sourdough from Fremont’s Sea Wolf Bakery and cookies are chocolate chip made by Caroline. Payment is monthly, via direct deposit on the last week of the previous month. For more information regarding pricing, absences, soup schedule and so much more, see FAQ.

The Story

Soup is healing. This is not new information. Caroline’s journey to becoming a soup lady was a process of being a lot of other things first: a maker of food, a writer of books, a storyteller, a mother, a dreamer, an artist, a gatherer of friends in need of a good party and a good meal. When she became a cancer patient in 2017, the soup that was left on her porch by strangers when she was recovering from brain surgery worked some kind of magic on her, altered her DNA like any good superhero origin story. It flowed through her veins and took over her mind, wielding the powers of her past to make curious soups all her own. She started to leave it on friends’ porches, and it was then that Caroline noticed that her soup mania was contagious, with side effects to include not only the healing she had experienced herself, but also silliness, joy, and community. This is also the story of how Soup Club came to be. See what soup madness—classes, soup stands, soup parties—Caroline is up to right now >


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Have a question?

Shoot the soup lady an email or a text and she’ll happily stop stirring her pots for a minute to answer.

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